League of Legends players blast Riot for broken Clash mode

    League of Legends players have blasted Riot Games for poor communication regarding the malfunctioning of Clash, a competitive tournament mode.

    Legends on a roll Legends on a roll

    Players are disappointed as it was broken for two weekends in a row, trapping them in tournaments without the ability to leave.

    Riot only acknowledged the issue but did nothing, according to complaints on Reddit on April 24.

    "When for the second weekend in a row, players are prevented from even backing out and playing normal games with their friends they gathered together, AND they receive next to no communication and zero compensation, that's nothing short of disrespectful to the players and their time," a Reddit post stated.

    The tournament's dates are announced at the beginning of each season, and players prepare accordingly.

    As a result, players may stop participating in Clash, which could lead to its downfall, affecting the game's esports scene.

    The fate of the faulty tournament mode remains uncertain.