League of Legends Patch 13.12 to buff Sivir, Nasus and Ryze

    Riot Games have continued their trend of making many changes in Patch 13.12 of League of Legends.

    The latest patch will be released this month The latest patch will be released this month

    This update focuses on addressing the concerns of "languishing" champions, including popular picks like Sivir, Nasus and Ryze, who have fallen out of the metagame this season.

    Following the extensive item adjustments in the previous patch, Riot now turns its attention to fine-tuning items such as Ardent Censer, Imperial Mandate and Rapid Firecannon, primarily focusing on ADC and support items that may be over or underperforming. Lucian and Rumble will also receive some adjustments.

    Additionally, the much-awaited Shan Hai Scrolls skin collection from early season 11 is returning, tempting players to open their wallets once again.

    The June update is expected to be on schedule after a frustrating 24-hour delay with the previous patch.

    Riot aims to balance several staple picks in professional play and address overperforming champions in solo queue.

    Notable targets for nerfs include Zeri, Gragas, Lulu, the recently introduced Milio, and the reworked Yuumi.

    Furthermore, eight champions, including Ryze, Kai'Sa and Nasus, will receive buffs to restore their competitiveness after the item changes in Patch 13.11 pushed them down the ladder.