Net News: The PR team of Rafael Nadal dismisses rumours, Alexander Zverev have several torn ligaments

    Rafael Nadal's public relations manager Benito Perez-Barbadillo has said that the claims surrounding the 21-time Grand Slam winner making an important announcement after the French Open final are false

    Alexander Zverev might have torn several ligaments Alexander Zverev might have torn several ligaments

    The Spaniard was about to attend a press conference at Roland Garros, expecting to announce his retirement. Unfortunately, Perez-Barbadillo mentioned that the news was not accurate.

    After his foot injury worsened at the Italian Open towards the start of May, there have been rumours about his retirement, and the Spaniard added that it is something he will have to live with. The PR manager stated, "Good morning, Bonjour. The information that appeared in some media about the request for a second press conference of @RafaelNadal is completely false."

    Goran Ivanisevic believes Djokovic will be ready for Wimbledon

    Goran Ivanisevic disclosed that he had not made peace with Djokovic's Roland Garros failure while stating that Djokovic would be ready for Wimbledon. The Serb had lost to Rafael Nadal in the quarter-finals of Roland-Garros four days ago. After the defeat, Ivanisevic said, "I have to be brutally honest, to begin with – I am in a funk, and I can't sleep. I cannot say that I am disappointed, but I am sad. It was not a perfect match from either side. Rafa did not play a spectacular match, but the body language decided, from the first point until the last: Rafa's body language and Novak's body language."

    He further said the turnaround in the second set was where Djokovic's gameplay became incomprehensible. It seemed like he lacked energy and didn't believe that he could win against Nadal. He was also asked whether he was aware of the upcoming schedule ahead of Wimbledon. He said that he isn't but is it critical for Djokovic to recover mentally. He reiterated that Novak is a genius who possesses a different mindset than most players. Although he requires less than most players to come back, he still needs to focus on it. He has outgrown countless setbacks in the past and believes that he will be ready for Wimbledon.

    Alexander Zverev might have torn several ligaments

    On the other hand, Alexander Zverev, who quit the semi-final match against Nadal at Roland Garros, has confirmed that his injury is a grave issue as he returns to Germany for further testing. Zverev was dragged out of Philippe Chatrier Court in a wheelchair after he twisted his ankle late in the second set. He was trailing 7-6 (10-8) 6-6 in his meeting with the Spaniard, who won his 14th title at Roland Garros, extending his record.

    After he realised the seriousness of his injury, he posted on Instagram to update his fans about his ligament injury. He said, "Based on the first medical checks, it looks like I have torn several lateral ligaments in my right foot. I will be flying to Germany on Monday to make further examinations and to determine the best and quickest way for me to recover." It seems like he would skip Wimbledon now that his injury demands a more prolonged recovery phase.