Laver Cup 2022: Roger Federer admits he no longer believes in a comeback

    Roger Federer, one of the greatest of all time and one of the Big Three, announced his retirement last week

    Roger Federer Roger Federer

    Many hearts were broken, and many fans were saddened to know the news of his retirement. However, there was a silver lining to it.

    The silver lining is that Federer will be seen once more at the Laver Cup starting September 23.

    Federer will not only be seen at Laver Cup for the last time but his last time playing might be seen alongside his long-time on-court enemy, Rafael Nadal.

    Federer's injuries in the last few years have withdrawn his name from the singles title in Laver Cup. 

    Rumour has it that Federer will be teamed up with his long-time rival, Nadal, in the upcoming Laver Cup doubles tournament.

    Federer's response was rather diplomatic when asked about the rumor, as the pairs have not been announced officially. 

    "I don't know if it's going to happen, but I think it could be obviously a special moment," said Federer on being asked about his pairing with Nadal. 

    Though seeing Federer play one last time alongside Nadal will surely be a special moment for all tennis fans, the decision to retire was not easy for Federer. 

    His last Grand Slam victory was in the 2018 US Open, and his previous played game was in last year's Wimbledon tournament, after which he had to undergo his third knee surgery. 

    "The last three years have been tough, to say the least. I knew I was on very thin ice for the last year since I played Wimbledon," Federer said in an interview with BBC News. "I tried to come back, but there was a limit to what I could do. And I stopped believing in it, to be honest," he added. 

    Federer confessed that the weeks leading up to his official retirement announcement were particularly hard for him. He wanted to get the words right to be able to thank everyone that's helped him through the journey and to convey his emotions the best.

    After the 41-year-old Swiss played his last match in Wimbledon and underwent yet another knee surgery, he stopped believing he could return.

    Despite all the determination to return, Federer had lost all hopes beyond a point. This Laver Cup may be extremely special as the Big Four, who dominated the tennis World for over two decades, will be seen together for one last time.

    The official announcement about the pairing in Laver Cup doubles will be made today. Fingers crossed, all fans hope for the two legends, Federer and Nadal, to be seen together.