T1's Lee "Gumayusi" Min-hyeong discusses Gen.G revenge

    T1 got their revenge over Gen.G at the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational this weekend.

    League of Legends trophy Image credit: PA Images League of Legends trophy

    Gen.G famously defeated T1 in the recent LCK finals to take home some of League of Legends’ most coveted silverware. But facing them in the second-round winner’s bracket on Saturday, they got their revenge.

    Leading 2-0, T1 were in the driving seat before dropping Games 3 and 4. But a final team fight in Game 5 sealed Gen.G’s fate. Reflecting on the performance, Lee "Gumayusi" Min-hyeong said there was room for improvement.

    "I'm happy that we won, but it's regretful because we made regretful plays," the AD Carry told invenglobal.com.

    "I feel that we need to improve even more. I think we hurried too much in game 4 because we lost game 3.

    "I thought we had the better comp, and we were advantageous. We gained much during the laning phase, and since we had more dragon stacks, they got anxious. It could have seemed that their skill combo connected well, but I don't think it did. We were able to win since we countered it well.

    "We lost one game due to a turnaround; in the other game, we lost from the beginning. However, considering that we dominated games 1 and 2, and since we had a better draft, we thought we would win if we played as we always did."

    As JD Gaming defeated Bilibili Gaming on the other side of the winner's bracket, T1 will face JD Gaming later this week.