Soren "Bjergsen" Bjerg resigns from competitive gaming

    Soren "Bjergsen" Bjerg has announced his retirement from competitive League of Legends after 11 years.

    League of Legends trophy Image credit: PA Images League of Legends trophy

    Bjergsen was a trailblazer for competitive LoL in the West in the early days, becoming the first-ever EU LCS player to earn a pentakill. But after over a decade at the forefront of LoL, the Danish star is going AFK.

    "This year playing with 100 Thieves is my 11th year of playing competitively, which is a very long time to be doing the same thing or working towards the same goal, being in the same industry," he said on his YouTube channel.

    "I've been playing League of Legends for probably half my life at this point. It just doesn't feel as fulfilling as it did when I was younger.

    "I've made the decision not to immediately go into coaching, or streaming, or something adjacent to pro playing. I just want to take some time away with friends and family and see what my life is like when my identity and all my time is not tied in League of Legends. I don't know if at some point I’m going to return to League of Legends or the esports industry."

    Bjergsen is a six-time LCS champion, where he also picked up four MVPs in his glitering career.