Puppey: China's best Dota 2 players are more focussed on streaming

    Team Secret captain 'Puppey' believes China's Dota 2 teams are struggling to compete due to the country's lucrative streaming.

    China is struggling to deliver top Dota 2 players China is struggling to deliver top Dota 2 players

    Western Europe and China each have four spots at the Lima Major, but Team Aster are the only Chinese team still alive in the lower bracket, after EHOME, PSG.LGD and Knights were all eliminated.

    This has become somewhat of a trend in the professional Dota 2 scene, with Chinese teams failing to assert the kind of dominance they enjoyed in years past.

    Dota veteran Puppey believes it's because the best players in China are increasingly moving to streaming as a better source of income.

    "I feel like every Chinese Dota 2 player just dreams of streaming," Puppey said on Gorgc's recent stream.

    "In China, they earn 20 times the number we get to earn from streaming.

    "If a guy can just stream and make millions of dollars every year, that means that they have a good scene."