N0tail: Dota 2 needs huge changes

    OG legend N0tail believes Dota 2 needs to make massive changes to revitalise the game, which would challenge players to devise new strategies.

    The latest Dota 2 patch was somewhat weak The latest Dota 2 patch was somewhat weak

    Dota 2 is set to receive a big overhaul patch next month, after a disappointing 7.32e, which didn't seem to change all that much.

    Farming pattern changes is something which needs to be addressed to shake up the stale meta, according to the TI winner.

    N0tail reckons the map itself needs to change. He wants to see the size increase, due to the outposts, and wants to see a sidelane shop added again with limited regen items, while also reducing the availability of couriers.

    "It does change so much about how all this works, like the regen plus the courier is the reason why Dota can look like it does," he said during a recent cast with ODPixel.