League of Legends: TSM and Ruby to part ways before Summer Split

    Lee "Ruby" Sol-min will be omitted from TSM's starting line-up for the forthcoming Summer Split due to a poor start to the season.

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    Ruby's late arrival due to visa issues may have affected team cohesion. TSM's Director of Global Social, Duncan Cox, confirmed that David "Insanity" Challe will replace Ruby for the matches in the LCS Summer Split 2023.

    TSM began the season with a 3-3 record, but these games were played without Ruby.

    Insanity showcased exceptional gameplay in the team's wins, leading to community calls for his continued presence. However, when Ruby returned, TSM suffered three consecutive losses.

    Ruby's performance has been underwhelming in every game played. WildTurtle, TSM's bot laner, mentioned communication errors and dissatisfaction with Ruby's gameplay.

    Insanity, with an average KDA of 2.9, will return to TSM's line-up for Week 4.

    His contributions have shown great potential, making TSM favourites for the playoffs. However, their recent losses have put them at the bottom of the table.

    It is likely that Insanity will remain a starter for the rest of the Summer Split, as the Head Coach expressed the intention to define a permanent starter in the next two weeks.

    TSM's upcoming matches include Immortals, NRG and Golden Guardians in the fourth week of the LCS Summer Split 2023.