Dota 2: Medusa dominant in Berlin Major meta

    The dominance of Medusa in the Dota 2 Berlin Major has raised eyebrows, with the hero's win rate soaring to 77 percent after 22 matches.

    The Berlin Major is currently ongoing The Berlin Major is currently ongoing

    Despite being given numerous chances to ban her, teams have struggled to counter the Gorgon, who has been a powerful force on the Berlin stage.

    While Medusa had a slow start to the tournament with three straight losses, it was Gaimin's dyrachyo that sparked the goldrush for the hero.

    And yet, it would take a few more Dota 2 matchdays before her ban rate began matching her win rate.

    Despite her early game shortcomings, changes to 'Dusa's Mana Shield brought by the 7.33b update, plus an array of defensive auras her teammates can apply means by 20 minutes, the Gorgon can be virtually unkillable.