Dota 2: Team Falcons dominate PSG Quest to secure DreamLeague 22 spot

    Team Falcons emerged victorious in the DreamLeague Season 22: MENA Closed Qualifier, securing a 3-0 triumph over PSG Quest to qualify for the main event.

    Malr1ne of Team Falcons Malr1ne of Team Falcons

    The series, characterized by swift maneuvers and exceptional teamwork, showcased Falcons' dominance, with Stanislav 'Malr1ne' Potorak standing out as a formidable force with an outstanding combined KDA of 49-7-47 across three games.

    The first game unfolded with Falcons strategically selecting Weaver and Void Spirit as their cores, accompanied by ATF on Magnus in the offlane. 

    The team exploited PSG Quest's vulnerabilities in dealing with evasive heroes, leading to a 42-minute victory for Falcons. Weaver and Void Spirit emerged unscathed, not falling once throughout the game.

    Game 2 proved to be a more competitive encounter, with both teams locked in intense skirmishes. Despite early setbacks for No!ob in the midlane and skiter in the carry position for Falcons, the team displayed impeccable target prioritization in teamfights. 

    Malr1ne, leading the charge on Razor, orchestrated a comeback, securing a victory in 63 minutes after being 11k behind at the 27-minute mark.

    In the final game, Falcons took a methodical approach, with Malr1ne delivering another stellar Razor performance. The early game witnessed minimal action, but Malr1ne's relentless rotations, supported by the team, proved decisive. 

    Despite some optimism for PSG Quest with a mid Zeus, Falcons executed well-timed ganks to shut down the opposition, ultimately securing the win in 31 minutes.