Dota 2 players anticipating major April update

    The Dota 2 community is looking forward to the arrival of the 7.33 update, which is reportedly much larger than previous patches.

    The latest Dota 2 update will be released on April 20 The latest Dota 2 update will be released on April 20

    While the pros are wary of major changes so close to the Berlin Major, fans are buzzing with excitement and have even expressed their hope for an update as big as version 8.00.

    The last major update, 7.00, was released in December 2016 and introduced new features such as Monkey King, Talents, and Shrines, and a massive HUD overhaul.

    Players are already discussing changes they believe are necessary for the health of the game, with a consensus on a Reddit post centered on possible revisions to Black King Bar.

    Many players consider the item to be a must-buy for the core role, but the item has been nerfed over the years.

    Another change requested by players is a rework of the mid lane, as players feel that the tower's detection range is too large and has resulted in a stale early game.

    As always, players are also calling for Tinker to receive nerfs or to be removed altogether.

    The 7.33 update is set to be released on April 20.