Doomfist's block ability broken in latest Overwatch 2 update

    Overwatch 2 content creator GetQuakedOn, who describes himself as a specialist in Doomfist, reports the hero's Power Block ability has been nullified in the game's latest update.

    Doomfist has just become more challenging to play Doomfist has just become more challenging to play

    His tweet claims that the ability is "completely broken" and does not function as intended.

    This bug prevents Doomfist from blocking certain abilities, taking full damage, and not building Rocket Punch charge.

    This issue affects Doomfist's primary defensive ability and his best way to build charge, which will impact his ability to tank.

    The list of moves that Doomfist cannot block includes various characters' ultimates, such as Junkrat's and Moira's.

    While the only solution seems to be to look down slightly while blocking, the results are varied.

    The bug may have been created when fixing another bug, and until a resolution is found, it will undoubtedly make it more challenging for Doomfist mains.