CS2: KOI accused of exploiting team switch bug at EU RMR qualifiers

    Allegations have arisen against CS2 team KOI for allegedly exploiting a team switch glitch during the European RMR qualifiers. 

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    This bug may have allowed them to covertly monitor opponents. 

    CS2 fan bobinho126 highlighted the issue on Jan. 9, sharing a video of KOI making an unusual rotation on Ancient. The concern is centered around a bug related to the team switch menu in CS2.

    KOI's rotation, leaving the B site unguarded, raised suspicions as they seemingly anticipated the enemy's move to the A site. 

    According to bobinho126, KOI might have accessed the team switch menu on CS2's main screen, allowing them to hear footsteps and detect enemy movements around Mid and T spawn towards the A site.

    The alleged exploitation of this bug, however, remains unconfirmed by KOI or PGL at this point. 

    Despite losing the map 13-5, KOI secured a 2-1 series win against 9INE and progressed to the closed qualifier, overcoming challenges in their journey, including a 13-0 loss to ex-Thunderflash in the final.