Blizzard reconsiders Overwatch 2 balance changes

    Blizzard is now backtracking following the removal of various crowd control abilities from Overwatch 2's non-tank heroes to accommodate five-vs-five gameplay.

    Young people stand in a line to play the Overwatch video game at the Comic Con Young people stand in a line to play the Overwatch video game at the Comic Con

    However, in season five, Blizzard decided to reintroduce some crowd control for two DPS heroes: Mei and Cassidy.

    Yet, just two weeks later, the game's lead hero designer, Alec Dawson, announced that they would be scaling back these changes to reduce the power of those abilities.

    "Mei and Cassidy adjustments are both in response to how their kits have been playing since S5 changes," Dawson said.

    "We're pulling back a bit here on their CC additions and will continue to monitor. Finding more of a middle ground for Mei, damage going up on primary and slow going down.

    "Cassidy's Magnetic Grenade will have a slightly lower seeking radius and homing duration."

    The adjustments to Mei and Cassidy will be implemented through a hotfix this week, separate from the larger mid-cycle patch scheduled for next month.

    Additionally, Lifeweaver will receive another buff in the form of increased damage to his Thorn Volley as part of the hotfix.

    Upon the start of the new season, players quickly noticed the overpowering effects of Cassidy's Magnetic Grenade.

    With its new movement-hindering effect and increased projectile range, what was previously a defensive option became a potent tool for eliminating enemies from distant locations and across maps.